Watch The Install Video

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Download Resanance


Open the Zip file and run the Resanance.msi. After you launch Resanance you will be asked to run the VBCable installer.

Finish setup

Open recording devices in Windows and open your microphones properties. On the listen tab tick the box and set CABLE Input in the dropdown menu. Click OK. Now set CABLE Output as your default recording device.

Get Going

Add some sounds and set your hotkeys and you're good to go.

Enjoy sending dem Dank Tunes down the mic!

Resanance is a great program! It's extremely fun to use sound effects with friends in discord. The installation and setup was well explained through the youtube video guide. On the off chance you run into a unique problem like I did the support offered was amazing, they had my problem resolved in less than 10 minutes.


Resanance is shaping up to be THE best soundboard out there! It works great with Discord and Teamspeak! The dev is really helpful and offers amazing support. Give it a try for yourself!

Twitter @KromaticGG

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